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About Regrow

Founded in California, Regrow was created by software and enterprise technology experts in partnership with growers, farmers and distributors. Designed for cannabis executives, managers and operation personnel at all levels of the supply chain, to help increase margins, stay compliant and allow management of the supply chain, through a cloud-based subscription service, tailored to the unique needs of the cannabis industry.

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Purpose Built For the Cannabis Industry

What does it do?

Our seed to sale software is designed by leading industry professionals with a passion for cultivation as well as supply chain optimization.

The system helps to eliminate costly supply and efficiency mistakes through skills-based algorithms not previously seen in the industry. We’re bringing best-in-class tech and services to this burgeoning yet complicated supply chain.


Mobile optimized, browser-enabled


Easy-to-understand interfaces


Single system of record for critical data


Department of Defense-level encryption and security


Crop forecasting


Integrated sales platform

Areas of Expertise


Better yields & compliance tracking

Learn what strains offer the best yield for your crops and manage the entirety of your products logistics from seed to sale. We make cannabis supply chain management easy.


Cultivation management & growth predictions

Know your grow by managing all aspects of your operations including crop scheduling, Propagation planning and estimating growth predictions.


Inventory & Vendor Management

Compliance events & license tracking are key elements for any kind of CBD focused business. Manage compliance and inventory all in one place.

Need Help with Your Cannabis Supply Chain Management?

Find out how by downloading our Regrow Platform Overview and see how easy it is to address your cannabis supply chain management challenges from seed to sale.

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Regrow has the right tools that the industry has been lacking to set cannabis business up for growth and success. Contact us to see how Regrow can work with your organization and start achieving results.

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