Webinar #1: Regrow and LeafLink Integrations 

As technology continues to evolve and the number of helpful operational tools increases, it is important for businesses to find integrations that work for their company. Helping to make the day-to-day run smoothly, Regrow offers software integrations that are unmatched in the cannabis industry.

In this webinar, we will discuss one of Regrow’s most sought-after integrations – LeafLink.

How will watching this webinar help you?

1. Grow: Help your sales team be more efficient and sell more products thanks to real-time access to current inventory and lab results.

2. Predict: See how your operation can gain insight into available inventory for the coming weeks and months so you can fill your funnel.

3. Nurture: Learn how to focus on customer satisfaction and retention.

4. Integrate: See how easy it is to integrate Regrow with LeafLink to simplify and automate your operation.